What is our urban forest?

Our urban forest is made up of all trees three metres or taller growing within the City on private and public land. The urban forest is owned by both the community and the City, and its management is a shared responsibility.

What are the benefits of our urban forest?

Our urban forest is essential. One single tree can be an air conditioner, provide shade, filter pollutants, collect dust and capture carbon dioxide. Trees also provide food and habitat for wildlife, improve health and well-being and reduce health care costs. They can add value to your home and improve the look and feel of your neighbourhood.

What is tree canopy cover?

Tree canopy cover is one of the ways we can measure the size of the urban forest. Tree canopy consists of the branches and leaves of a tree. It is not the number of trees, but the amount of canopy cover that has the greatest impact on shade and cooling. This means it’s important to not only plant new trees, but to protect established trees with large canopies because they provide the most benefits.

What are the next steps for the Urban Forest Plan?

Based on the community consultation outcomes, a draft Urban Forest Plan will be developed and presented to council for further consideration. We will then ask for feedback from the community before the plan is finalised.