Why is health and wellbeing important?

Positive health and wellbeing enables individuals to:

• have increased life expectancy and better quality of life

• take on change and challenges

• survive injury, illness and pain

• avoid premature death and preventable hospitalisation

• deal with stress, disappointment and sadness

• develop and apply knowledge and skills

• enjoy more lifestyle choices

• spend less on the costs of ill-health.

With poor health and wellbeing, individuals are more likely to:

• suffer pain and discomfort

• lose capacity and skills

• have decreased life expectancy and lower quality of life

• make poor decisions

• become lonely and isolated

• become anxious and stressed

• develop chronic disease.

From a community perspective, the health and wellbeing of the population contributes to social interaction and the vitality of the community. For example, it enables participation in sports, volunteering, arts and culture, and all activities that bring the community together.

What is a 'Public Health Plan'?

A Public Health Plan outlines actions necessary to ensure that everyone living, working and visiting the City has an acceptable level of health today and into the future. This should help to reduce the predicted increase in the cost of providing health services for the aging population and minimise the number of people whose lifestyle is compromised by the symptoms of preventable diseases.

What are the three main objectives of the Public Health Plan?

The Public Health Plan has three main objectives that the City must address within the context of our specific region:

Objective 1: Empowering and enabling people to make healthy lifestyle choices
Objective 2: Providing health protection for the community
Objective 3: Improving Aboriginal health.

What does local government have to do with health?

As the factors determining a person’s health are largely the conditions that a person is born, grows up, lives, works and ages in, the City plays a vital part in supporting our community to be healthy, reduce their risk of illness and improve life expectancy.