Do we need a toilet facility at North Beach?

Residents of North Beach asked the City to build a toilet facility in this area after the old block was demolished. As the area has not had a public toilet in more than 10 years, your responses to the surveys will give us good insight into whether this is needed.

The City understands that people using the proposed facility will be West Coast Drive coastal path walkers, dog walkers, visitors using the jetty for fishing and viewing as well as general beach users.

Where are the nearest toilet blocks in the North Beach vicinity?

There are 11 other toilet facilities along the City of Stirling coastal path. The closest to the proposed amenity is at Hamersley Pool 750m south and Waterman’s Bay 1km to the north.

Are there any other coastal path level toilet blocks along the coast?

Yes, at Peasholm Beach, Brighton Kiosk, Scarborough Pool , Scarborough Sunset Hill, and Trigg. 

Will any of the options alter the visibility of nearby residents?

Yes, any construction will be visible.  Residents directly in front of the proposed amenity may have their views slightly altered, but for adjacent houses, there will be no restriction to views of the horizon. 

What environmental impacts has the City considered?

The City has undertaken a botanical survey which considered flora and fauna impacts on all options investigated.

Option 1 will not impact any flora or fauna.

Option 2 will impact flora and fauna due to the clearing required for the toilet block and access ramp within the headland.  

The headland does not contain any species listed under the Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act so Federal Government approvals will not be required to clear vegetation. If Option 2 is the preferred option, State Government clearing permits will be required.

What beach infrastructure is there at North Beach?

There is a public shower at the Old Apex hall site located on entry and exit to the beach and a public shower adjacent the North Beach jetty.

Why was the Apex Hall site dismissed?

The primary reason is due to the location as it sits within the hazard risk zone meaning it would need a defence wall, and would have a shorter life estimate.  Defence walling will cause sand and beach erosion around the toilet block area, primarily to the north near Malcom Street.  Other factors such as parking, accessibility and construction cost ruled the location out.

Will this involve road closures?

It is not anticipated that road traffic will be affected, however there may be some management to pedestrian and cycle traffic on the coastal path.

Will the parking area need to be amended to accommodate ACROD bays and if so will it reduce the number of bays?

Option 1 – the coastal path facility will require new road markings to align with current standards and will not alter the number of parking bays.

Option 2 – within the headland below street level facility will require amendments to the parking grid and levels to accommodate access to the proposed ramp.

How long will it take to build the toilet facility?

Estimated construction timeframes are

Option 1 - On the coastal path.  The facility can be fabricated offsite and then installed, which will take roughly two to three weeks.

Option 2 –Within the headland, below street level.  This will have to be built on site and will require clearing and structural retention of the headland and coastal path.  This will take roughly six months.