Does this plan include changes to the playground?

Yes, the plan includes replacing the existing playground with a new one located closer to the library and community centre.

This location will connect Robinson Reserve with the wider Main Street precinct and help revitalise the reserve area next to the Osborne Park Community Centre. This connection will create more of a ‘community hub’ in this space.

We are seeking your ideas and feedback to help shape what the playground should look like.

Let us know your thoughts by completing our survey. You can even upload an image of your favourite park so we can see examples of what you like. 

How are the planned improvements going to be paid for?

The Robinson Reserve Master Plan has received an allocation of $1.5 million through an election commitment from the State Government. This funding is to support the development of community recreational facilities which will promote increased physical activity, play opportunities and social interaction.

The key upgrades and improvements this allocation will fund include:

·  furniture including shelters, barbecues, artwork and seating

·  path network

·  small car park next to the existing clubrooms

·  an upgraded playground moved to the major level

·  skate and scooter elements

·  basketball/netball half court and soccer goal

·  new public toilet

·  demolition of outdated and disused buildings

·  refurbishment to entry gate

·  general landscape works.

These upgrades and improvements will form part of stage one which is currently proposed to commence within the next financial year, 2018/19.

The City will be contributing to the landscape and fence components of Stage one and will be fully funding Stage two works.

When will these improvements and changed happen? What are the next steps?

The master plan consists of two stages. Stage one is currently proposed to commence within the next financial year, 2018/19.

Stage two requires further feasibility and detailed design so is currently proposed to commence in 2021.

Stage two is proposed to commence in 2021 so the City can complete current projects. The timing of stage two also needs to form part of the City’s overall asset renewal program and budget planning processes.

What is happening with the fence?

The City is currently reviewing options for fencing around the reserve and would like to find out what you would like to see.

Some options have been presented as part of this consultation. These options include:

·  1.8 metre high palisade fencing to the entire reserve perimeter

·  1.2 metre high chainmesh fence and bollards to entire reserve perimeter

·  Other proposals or ideas.

The City receives a number of requests for a range of upgrades to parks and reserves. One of these includes fencing of playgrounds, reserves, parks and other areas in public open space so to help City staff work through these requests and respond in a timely and equitable nature they are considered in line with relevant policies and guidelines.

Fencing around parks is provided specifically on the basis of functionality and appropriateness in line with the requirements and need of the location and the surrounding community.

 As part of the consultation for Robinson Reserve the City is considering the needs and requirements of all park users with respect to fencing of the reserve given the range of users and the lack of available public open space in the area.

Some of the key considerations the City is/has had to take into account include:

·  Access which meets the needs of the user groups including local/neighbouring residents, local dog walking community, local community groups and local sporting groups; particularly with busy roads in close proximity to the reserve

·  Safety considerations for those using the reserve and being able to enter and exit in emergency situations

·  Links to surrounding facilities and businesses such as the Community Centre, Bowling Club, and Main Street

·  Opportunities for events and other larger scale local community activities to occur/continue to occur on the reserve

·  Impact on streetscape and visual corridors.

Please let us know your thoughts by completing our survey.

Where is Robinson Reserve?

Robinson Reserve is located in the Western Australian suburb of Tuart Hill, in City of Stirling’s Osborne Ward. The reserve is adjacent to the Osborne Park Community Centre and bound by Royal Street to the south, Park Street to the east and Waterloo Street to the west.

Why is the City seeking feedback?

We are seeking to finalise the Robinson Reserve Master Plan and would like your feedback on the proposed upgrades and improvements. Gathering feedback from the community is an important part of the master planning process as the information you provide helps us understand the community’s expectations and needs.

What are the proposed changes at my park?

A number of upgrades and improvements are proposed as part of the master plan, which include:

  • Modifications to entry gate at reserve entrance
  • Entry signage
  • Development of major playground
  • Addition of half court basketball and netball
  • Addition of skate and scooter opportunities
  • Addition of BBQ area including picnic tables, shelters, seating
  • Upgrades to public toilets
  • Addition of junior soccer practice goal
  • Recreation area
  • Picnic seating areas
  • Event/overflow car park with shade and fruit trees
  • Development of a new path network
  • Fence to be removed and replaced
  • Maintaining existing car parking
  • On-street car parking line marking
  • Addition of new off-street parking area with disabled parking bays
  • Addition of Royal Street parallel parking (pending feasibility)
  • Development of Club rooms and change rooms (pending feasibility)
  • Cricket practice wickets relocated (location to be confirmed)
  • Removal of hill to oval perimeter
  • Bowls club car park to include public reserve car park

These upgrades will help make the reserve more accessible and user friendly.

The timing for these upgrades and improvements will depend on further planning and detailed design which will be undertaken in the coming years.

A copy of the plan can be found in the Document library.

How can I provide feedback?

The easiest way to provide comment is through the online survey located at the bottom of the main page.

Alternatively, hard copies of the survey are available from the City of Stirling Main Administration building located at 25 Cedric Street, Stirling.

Written submissions can be lodged:

By post to: Recreation Administration, City of Stirling, PO Box 1533, Osborne Park WA 6916

By email:

The public comment period closes 4.00pm, 26 March 2018.

What will happen next?

Following the public comment period, all feedback will be reviewed and considered. The outcomes of the consultation process will then be submitted to Council for consideration.