How will the existing space be impacted?

The existing parkland features will be integrated in to the design of the space, maintaining the open parkland character of the site.

Will additional parking be required?

The existing path connections will provide access to the existing carparking onsite.

How much noise will the facility create?

Noise from riding facilities are generally minimal given the materials and equipment used. This location is also close to traffic noise on Alexander Drive with care also to be taken to ensure appropriate offests from houses. Any noise will be from users enjoyment.

Will the facility be used at night?

The proposed BMX/cycling facility is for use during daytime only and will not include lighting for specific night time use of the facility.

Why the need for a BMX and cycle facility in Dianella?

Since 2009, participation in wheel-based activities such as bike riding, skateboarding and scootering has grown for both girls and boys and boasts high participation rates compared to organised sports such as soccer, football and swimming.

Recognising this trend, the City developed the Skate and BMX Facility Strategy (Strategy) to meet the current and future needs of the community. 

The Strategy, which was guided by community consultation and professional advice, was endorsed by Council in 2013 and seeks to address the limited skate and BMX facilities currently provided within the City.

A number of sites have been identified in the Strategy that will deliver these much-needed facilities in an interconnected network creating a diverse range of choice for the whole community.

One of these sites is Dianella Regional Open Space, identified for its potential to provide a natural surface BMX and cycle track set among the beautiful parkland and established community facilities.

Why is the City seeking feedback?

The City has engaged Common Ground Trails to undertake the first stage of community consultation for the Dianella BMX and cycle facility.

The City and Common Ground Trails want to understand what type of facility the community and key users would like to see provided including any key features.

We want to make sure that everyone’s needs have been considered as part of the project so that the City can deliver a well-used and valued asset for the community. 

What is the City seeking feedback on?

We have put together a fact sheet outlining the types of facilities we are considering as part of the Dianella BMX and cycle facility, as well as more information about the project. You can download the fact sheet from the Document Library located to the right of the page. In addition, example images have been provided in the Photo Gallery.

What community consultation has been undertaken by the City?

The City undertook community consultation for the Dianella BMX and Cycle Facility between 21 May and 15 June 2018. This consultation was to ensure that everyone’s needs have been considered as part of the project so that the City can deliver a well-used and valued asset for the community.
As part of the consultation the City included:
  • Letters to 1,600 surrounding residents
  • An open house session held at Stirling Community Centre - Jim Satchell
  • Emails sent to reserve users
  • Notifications to surrounding schools
  • Promotions on social media
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Path decals at Dianella Regional Open Space.
More than 130 individuals submissions were received either by phone, survey, general feedback, letter or email.