What is a local planning scheme?

A Planning Scheme is a legal document that guides the development and use of land within an area. All development in the area has to, by law, comply with the Planning Scheme. 

What does a Scheme Amendment do?

A Scheme Amendment makes changes to the Planning Scheme. The most common type of Scheme Amendment is when the zoning of land is proposed to change, for example from a civic zoning to a residential zoning. A Scheme Amendment can be classed as Basic, Standard, or Complex. 

Who can initiate a scheme amendment?

A Scheme Amendment can be initiated by, or on behalf of a land owner. The City can also propose a Scheme Amendment.

How is a Scheme Amendment processed?

When a Scheme Amendment is submitted or instigated by Council, Council has to decide where to advertise it for public comment or not.

If Council decided to advertise a Scheme Amendment, the City will consult on the proposal with the local community. The ‘type’ of the Scheme Amendment will determine how long it is advertised for.

When advertising has closed, Council has to consider any comments received and make a recommendation to support or not support the Scheme Amendment.

The Minister for Planning makes the final decision on whether the Scheme Amendment is approved or not.