Outcomes from the Carine fenced dog park consultation are now available

7 months ago
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Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on the proposed fenced dog park at Carine Regional Open Space.

The City received 121 responses from the community of which 57 per cent supported the construction of the fenced dog park. The majority of responses came from residents local to Carine.

The outcomes report is available to download from the Document Library to the right of the page. A list of concerns and queries raised during the comment period, accompanied by the City’s responses can be downloaded here.

A copy of the final Fenced Dog Park Plan can be downloaded here.

What did we hear?

One of the frequent comments received during the consultation period related to the potential impact on the Sunday morning Park Run.

While the previous concept was prepared in consideration of the Park Run route, following discussions with Park Run Carine the extent of fencing at the north-eastern corner of the fenced dog park has been reduced. This has been done to enable Park Run participants to congregate in the shade of the existing trees in this area on completion of their run.

Another subject of frequent feedback related to concerns that many dogs visiting Carine Regional Open Space were not under effective control. This feedback has been provided to the City’s Rangers who, as a separate program to the installation of the fenced dog park, will implement an education campaign reminding dog owners of their responsibilities under local laws and the Dog Act.

If dogs are not being controlled effectively residents should report this behaviour to the City's Rangers.

What’s Next?

In accordance with the Council approved strategy for the implementation of fenced dog parks this project will now continue to construction phase with works on site currently scheduled to be completed in February to June 2019.

Temporary signs will be erected on site to advise the public of construction timeframes prior to construction commencement and updates will be communicated on this page.

Consultation has concluded