Why is the City proposing a fenced dog park at this location?

The City is proposing a fenced dog park at Carine Regional Open Space following the success of similar facilities at Dianella Regional Open Space, Charles Riley Reserve in North Beach, and Princess Wallington Reserve in Balga.

This particular part of Carine Regional Open Space has been selected for a dog park as it is within proximity of car parking, and does not conflict with other sporting/recreational functions. 

Where can I park to easily access the fenced dog park?

The Okely Road car park is located approximately 80m to the north of the fenced dog park. 

Can I still exercise my dog off‐leash elsewhere in Carine Regional Open Space?

Yes. Dogs may still be exercised off leash in reserves where a fenced dog park is located.

Will there be a dedicated small and large dog area?

The City will not be restricting use of either enclosure and the two enclosures will not be identified as small/large dog or passive/active dog. Two enclosures are intended to provide options to enable residents to make their own decision on which area they would like to use. 

What facilities will be available at the fenced dog park?

Each enclosure will have a drinking fountain suitable for dogs and humans, a sand pit, plenty of areas for owners to sit, and litter bins with dog-poo bags. The larger enclosure will also have some agility equipment.

Each site will be accessed via a double-gate to help prevent dogs escaping.

What is the Fenced Dog Park Strategy?

The City Wide Fenced Dog Park Implementation Strategy aims to guide the installation of fenced dog exercise areas across the City in a strategic and equitable manner. More information can be found in the Fenced Dog Park Strategy section of the Urban projects page on the City's website.