What will the City do with my feedback?

All comments sent to the City will be collated and summarised in a consultation report. 

The City will provide responses to the comments in the report but, to ensure respondents remain anonymous, will not include identifiable information.

The consultation report will include the query/comment, how many people raised the comment and the City’s response. 

What does the Careniup Swamp Reserve - Draft Management Plan aim to achieve?

The Careniup Swamp Reserve - Draft Management Plan aims to:

• Maintain a healthy natural ecosystem within the Careniup Swamp precinct;

• Manage stormwater from the surrounding catchment in accordance with best management practice standards;

• Produce a network of parks, environmental experiences and amenities that will meet the local community’s passive recreation needs into the future;

• Produce an integrated pedestrian path network within the Careniup Swamp precinct that connects with the broader neighbourhood path network;

• Establish theme/s for an appropriate landscape character for the public open space areas in response to context, natural and cultural values; and landscape management/maintenance requirements;

• Develop a plan that balances conservation of the natural elements of Careniup Swamp with the increase in recreational use of the reserve and drainage functions; and

• Utilise the City’s resources effectively for future development and ongoing management works.

What are the next steps?

Once the public comment period has closed, all comments received will be collated and a report prepared for Council. 

Based on the outcome of the public comment period, the report to Council will identify the next steps in delivering the Careniup Swamp Reserve - Management Plan.