Can I present another option for consideration?

Yes. Please consider the following factors:

·  Community of interest

·  Physical and topographic features

·  Demographic trends

·  Economic factors

·  Ratio of councillors to electors in the various wards.

If Council agree to amend my ward boundary will it affect how I vote in State or Federal elections?

No, the ward boundaries only affect the local government elections. 

Will changing my ward boundary affect my rates?

No, the ward boundaries only affect the City of Stirling Council elections and elected member representation.

What is the process for Council to consider a ward boundary alignment?

1. Following public consultation, Council must consider all submissions and make its decision on the preferred option.

2. The preferred option is submitted to the Local Government Advisory Board for consideration.

3. The Local Government Advisory Board submits its recommendation to the Minister for Local Government for approval.

As a result of the review will my elected member representation change?

Yes, if your ward boundary changes as a result of the review your elected member representation will also change.