What happens if I don’t provide a response to the proposed installation of speed humps?

The City considers all non-responses as having no objection to either the installation, or non-installation of the speed humps within the ROW. 

What criteria will determine approval for the installation of the speed humps?

Majority public support for the proposal will determine approval, that is more than 50 per cent of the number of responses received must agree to the installation of the speed humps. For example, letters were sent to 42 properties. There were 18 responses received (a response rate of 43 per cent). Of those, 12 responses agreed = 67 per cent and 6 responses disagreed = 33 per cent. In this example, the speed humps would be installed as part of the upgrade works. 

What is the timeframe for completion of the ROW upgrade?

Design and public consultation is usually undertaken approximately 12–18 months prior to the on-site construction works.

Why does it take so long from design phase to construction phase?

Affected stakeholders such as utility service providers, as well as abutting owners and residents are consulted where necessary, prior to the implementation of the upgrade works, to prevent possible costly delays.

This timeframe also provides the City’s Operations Business Unit adequate time to seek funding from Council as well as to engage the appropriate contractors etc.  

How will I be notified about the impending upgrade works?

The City’s Engineering Operations Business Unit will mail out letters to all affected owners and residents two weeks prior to the commencement of on-site works. The letter will provide confirmation of the proposed works as well as the relevant contact numbers for the City officers to be contacted while the works are in progress.